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Camping Program

Located just north of Columbia, Missouri, Camp Hickory Hill combines camping, sports and fun with diabetes education and support to give children, teens and their and families the tools they need to live happy, healthy, and balanced lives.

Safety and Medical

Safety of the campers entrusted to us is a responsibility we take very seriously. Medical staff is on camp property 24 hours a day. Just a parents “look in” on their sons and daughters at night, our medical staff makes nighttime rounds to each cabin. Registered nurses and dieticians are also on site. These diabetes professionals work as a team to monitor blood sugars, deliver and adjust insulin levels, help campers manage their diabetes throughout the week, and teach children how to live longer, happier lives.


Our education program includes one hour formal classroom training each day. The subjects include: insulin monitoring, glucose monitoring, diet, foot and eye care, complications and the emotional aspects of living with diabetes. We believe the best diabetes education consists of small doses of formal training and large doses of teaching by example and shared experiences. Many of our campers say that Camp Hickory Hill is the one place where they feel “normal.” At camp children and teens feel like they don’t have to explain themselves or live differently from their peers. Everyone checks blood sugars, takes insulin by pump or injection and counts carbohydrates. At Camp Hickory Hill you can be yourself and know your friends understand what you’re doing.


Education does not get in the way of having a good time at camp. There is something for everyone. Every evening we have an all camp activity such as capture the flag, camper staff softball, shaving cream fights and off site trip for the camp dance. The camp activities are amazing.

Canoeing, Hiking and Exploring, Campfires, Skits, Stories, Songs

Arts and Crafts, Ping Pong, Fishing, Mud Pit Competition

Swimming, Tetherball, Volleyball

Rappelling, Fields Trips, Kickball

Basketball, Softball, Nature Exploration

Archery, Challenge Course, Riflery Zip Line/ Flying Squirrel

And many specialized programs…

CIT Program

Camp Hickory Hill takes great pride in our Counselor in Training program.  It is the training program for future staff.  To be eligible for the program, a camper must be at-least 15 years of age by the first day of Session I and attend Session I as a camper that same year.  Selection is based on their performance as campers during Session I that year.  Applicants are judged on leadership, respect, diabetes management, participation, team spirit and support of camp rules and program.

Family Camp Program

Camp Hickory Hill is excited to let you know about our new outreach program.  The purpose of the program is to provide one to one support to the newly diagnosed, organize support group activities, and bring community awareness to our mission.  Since Camp was founded by parents of children with diabetes it is only natural to reach out to families touched by diabetes in our community.  After all they know all too well what families go through.  We need volunteers to turn our vision of enhancing the self reliance and capacities of person's with diabetes.  Our plans include establishing information and referral kits, networking and social events.  Please let us know how you would like to help either as a mentor or help in outreach events.
Contact us at 573-445-9146


Camp Hickory Hill does not discriminate in any way based on gender, race, color, religion, national, origin, age, or other protected class or status, except that:

  • All campers must have diabetes and take insulin
  • Campers must be between the ages of 7 and 17
  • Staff must meet the minimum age requirements set by the board of directors








Our mission is to teach these boys, girls and young men and women to manage and control their own diabetes in partnership with their families and health providers.

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