Welcome to Camp Hickory Hill

Our vision is focused on enhancing the self reliance and capacity of children, adolescents and their families living with diabetes. Campers learn the skills necessary to live long, healthy, successful lives with diabetes

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Camp Hickory Hill - Central Missouri Diabetic Children's Camp, Inc.

2021 Virtual Camp:

July 5-30th

Campers who qualify for CIT(Counselor in Training) will meet June 28 - July 2

(CIT's must be 15-17 years of age)


What’s in store for Virtual Camp Hickory Hill 2021:

~Participating in online games & campfire sing-alongs

~Virtual Field Trips

~Connecting with friends & counselors

~Joining a virtual “cabin” with counselors to guide activities

~And a Camp in a Bag Activity Care Kit delivered right to your door


Wanna see more? Watch our camp video!Click Here

Our Mission

Camp Hickory Hill sustains a community, culture and medically-sound program of support for persons with diabetes, especially children, using our camp environment to foster education, self-reliance, confidence, an active lifestyle and skill in the successful management of diabetes.

What Campers Learn

Some of the age-appropriate topics covered include:

  Insulin therapy
  Low and high blood sugars
  Diet and exercise management
  Campers also learn they are not alone

  • Learn Cool Skills

    Learn archery, canoeing, how to put out a fire, and more.
  • Battle other Campers

    Put other campers to the test with fun games and activities.
  • Challenge Yourself

    Try out rock climbing or try your hand at painting and drawing.
  • Make New Friends

    Meet and hang out with other campers from all over Missouri.
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