1. Minimum age 18 by the first day of staff training.
2. High school graduate or equivalent (GED).
3. Good moral character.
4. Interest in Diabetes Mellitus.
5. Ability to relate well with children, young people, and adults.
6. Skilled in oral and written communication. .
7. Willing to live in a tent or cabin with 2-7 campers, serving as their counselor, leader, and role model.
Accountable to: Camp Administrative Director
1. Provide leadership and guidance for campers.
2. See that campers follow appropriate procedures for blood glucose monitoring, insulin injection, and taking their meals and snacks as directed by the Medical Director, Dietary Supervisor, and camp policy.
3. Help campers define objectives they wish to achieve and review their accomplishments at the end of camp.
4. Supervise the general welfare of his/her group in terms of safety and health habits.
5. Supervise the general welfare of his/her group in their housekeeping duties.
6. See that his/her campers understand and obey all camp rules.
7. Get campers to bed in the evening and up in the morning in accordance with camp policy.
8. Stay in the tent or cabin with his/her campers when they are to be in bed as defined by camp policy.
9. Get all the campers in his/her group signed up for activities.
10. Get campers to the appropriate activities at the proper time.
11. Attend activities with the campers and assist the activity counselor as needed.
12. Provide emergency treatment of insulin reactions and minor injuries in the absence of a medical staff person.
13. Maintain communications with the Camp Administrative Director, Dietary Supervisor, and Medical Director for reporting special problems.
14. Supervise the performance of CITs assigned to his/her group.
15. Attend and participate in staff meetings.
16. Provide evaluations on individual campers.
17. Maintain good public relations with parents of campers his/her group.
18. Carry out other duties as assigned by the Camp Administrative Director.
19. Supervise directly - campers.
20. Follow purchasing policy when making purchases for camp.

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